Movies that will fill your cynical hearthole with rays of sunshine

I warn you not to take the headline literally. Your cynical heartholes will stay anatomically intact, so don’t you worry. But it’ll feel pretty much like stuffed animals and rainbows after you finish watching those rays of sunshine in movie form (contrary to common belief there is no such thing as ‚too many analogies‘). At first it will seem like you’re about to be showered with kitschy, schmaltzy sugar and your jaded mind is probably going to make up thousands of snarky tweets as you descent (or ascent?) into genuine bliss. But it’ll pass. So for the sake of your heart, I advise you to consider watching those movies and let them heal your inner Scrooge. Unironically.

Mamma Mia

Your initial reaction

„Which drug made it seem like a good idea to have Pierce Brosnan sing ABBA songs on a postcard of a greek island? Oh there are shirtless dancers and a wedding as well? Meryl Streep is singing, too? Goodness gracious, this sure must be the gayest straight movie ever!“

After Mamma Mia

„Mamma Mia here I go again. My, my, how can I resist you?“
Mamma Mia doesn’t tolerate cynicism. It’ll pound you with happiness and joyful sing-a-longs until you’re having fun. No excuses tolerated. Its goal is to make you sing ABBA classics all week and it’s very likely to succeed. I dare you to try it out.

Notting Hill

Your initial reaction

„What is this? Every fanboy’s wet dream of the late 90s? This concept is utterly silly and unrealistic.  Hugh Grant’s hairdo alone screams ‚kill me now!‘. If I’d want teenage love fantasies, I’d be on tumblr!“

After Notting Hill

Get your head out of your ass, me of 90 minutes ago! I like you best when you say nothing at all! It’s a fairytale and not supposed to be realistic. Notting Hill is sweet like a spoonful of sugar slipped into a cup of Earl Grey. Which is to say, the dry wit makes up for the contrived sweetness. I’m still laughing about Horse & Hound.

Lego Movie

Your Initial Reaction

„Ugh, another movie based on a toy? Wasn’t Transformers, Battle Ship and G.I. Joe  enough? Is anybody listening to me? If this movie is anything like stepping barefoot on a piece of Lego, I don’t want to see it. Don’t believe the hype! Playmobil rulez, suckerz!“

After Lego Movie

This is kind of out of line as I haven’t actually seen it, but to hell with concept, this is my blog! Sometimes you should believe the hype. It’s all your favourite comedians and actors voicing all your favourite super heroes and fictional characters. I’d be surprised if everything doesn’t turn out to be awesome.

Stay tuned for „Movies That Will Turn Your Gentle Heart-Cushions Into Stones of Rage“ probably including Finsterworld and A Serious Man (yes, A Serious Man! That movie makes my soooo angryyyy)


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