Rick & Morty is the best show you wish you knew as a child

Now this is a weird thing to say about a show that has some strong language, sexual innuendo and lost of graphic (though cartoony) gore and carnage. But hear me out. As a kid I watched a lot (A LOT!) of television. I don’t even know when I had time to do that while also attending kindergarten, school and after school center. But I somehow managed to devour every singele cartoon there was. That is clearly hyberbole but I challenge you to find an 80s/90s cartoon’s theme song I can’t sing along to. So naturally I had my favourite episodes. And thinking back, the episodes that I can still vividly recall are the dark, weird and twisted Halloween-style ones (from a child’s perspective, though. I don’t dare watching them today and find out that they’re all actually rainbows and lollipops).

I’m taking about the time Winnie the Pooh and his gang discover that things you put under your bed get lost in a dark dust world that is ruled by an evil slime monster. Or the episode in Bonkers where we get to know the pencil-fingered dude that lives in the canalisation or the sheep that invades Bonkers‘ dreams. Or the episode of Hey Arnold! when Gerald and Arnold find that the legend of the haunted train is real. Those are some of my favourite episodes, I’m sure there are more.

Now Rick and Morty is a whole show about dark and twisted adventures.  Saying it’s a cross-breed of Futurama, Adventure Time and South Park doesn’t really do it justice. It’s a completely original show with a lots of pop-culture references, crazy ideas and stories that can only described by a quote by Ron Burgundy: „That escalated quickly“. Beginning with the basic Back-To-The-Future’esque premise (looney scientist and his youthful companion go on strange adventures) Rick and Morty has its protagonists fight virtual realities, David Cronenbergian human insects and talking super-dogs. You see, it’s almost the same level of dark, imaginative awesomeness that I loved when I was kid. Except it’s updated for an adult audience. You might want to abstain from showing kids exploding guts and attempted rape by a jelly bean.  But then again, it’s not Happy Tree Friends and Drawn Together violence. It still has a lot of heart within. You can find all six episodes on YouTube. Here’s a clip of Rick and Morty themselves explaining what the show is about.

I didn’t just stumble across Rick and Morty by accident. The show is co-created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. Yes, Dan Harmon  as in Community creator Dan Harmon. I don’t know much about Harmon’s actual  involvement in the show but as someone who watched all episodes of Communiy several times and listened to many episodes of his podcast Harmontown, I definitely notice his „lingering spirit“ all over the episodes. Don’t know much about Justin Roiland, though. Apparently he is a writer for many episodes of Adventure Time which is a very good thing. And his IMDB photo is – well –  quite something.

Rick and Morty is already renewed for a second season. And according to Wikipedia the second half of season one begins March 10th.


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