Why The Hunger Games is secretly a Zoolander sequel

Millions of readers and viewers have devoured the Hunger Games books and movies over last last couple of years. It’s a fascinating dystopy where the sparkling but cruel Capitol reigns over 12 districts. The Capitol is a glamourous parallel society with weirdly dressed citizens and a questionable taste in entertainment. Under this thick layer of fun and glamour lies exploitation and oppression of the poor. I wonder where Suzanne Collins got the idea for this particular scenario? Well, the lame explanation is that she is just a very creative author mixing science-fiction element with social criticism. Boo-hooo, lame indeed! What I think is that Suzanne Collins spend a lazy sunday afternoon watching Battle Royale followed by Zoolander and created her own crossover fanfiction. The similarities to Battle Royale have been pointed out often enough (just google it). So let’s look at Zoolander as a secret Hunger Games sequel, shall we?

One of the districts is revolting agains child labour. The Capitol is looking for a citizen who will assassinate one of this district’s leaders (they call it Malaysian president but it could as well be district eleven’s mayor) to stop the revolution. And the Capitol wouldn’t be its malicious self it wouldn’t make death a showstopping event.

Capitol fashion is quite irritating. Blonde wigs, oddly futuristic apparel and just a tad too much make-up and you have your tradmark Capitol style™.

What would a sequel, prequel or spin-off be without the occasional cameo of beloved characters from the original motion picture? What is Legolas doing in The Hobbit? Walter White doing in the upcoming Better Call Saul spin-off? And Lenny Krav…pardon me, Cinna doing in the Hunger Games? Of course reassuring the audience that the sequel hasn’t forgotten its roots.

In Zoolander the male model superstar (again, questionable taste in entertainment) is not selected to assassinate a bunch of teenage kids in a game of hide and seek. No, he is chosen to kill one of the Capitol’s adversaries who lives in one of the outer districts. Of course, at first unbeknownst to him and against his will. And just like Katniss later on in the sequel, Derek Zoolander is originally from the 12th coal mining district.

Zoolander is also where the hand sign had its first appearance….well, kind of. And if Jacobim Mugatu, Katinka Ingabogovinanana, Brint, Rufus and Meekus don’t sound like perfect names for Hunger Games characters then I don’t know what does. I rest my case.


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